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Molly the Cocker Spaniel


Texas, United States

Posted April 28, 2014

Molly is a wonderful dog! She is so loving and loves to lay on you. She barks quite loud and high pitched, but it alerts me to know that someone is at my front door. She used to whine a little when I leave or when she is separated from the family, however this has minimized. She is wary of strangers, but if she sees that you are friendly with the stranger, then she will be as well. Molly loves attention and when you are not paying enough attention to her, she will do whatever it takes for you to notice her. It is a bit hard trying to potty train her because she can be a bit stubborn at times. She does not like to be in a surrounding she is not familiar with. She loves to go play with my other dog in our cousins back yard and has a lot of energy to spend running around. You can tell when sh wants something because she shakes her little tail and pats her feet at you! She is a bit greedy though when it comes to feeding, as she likes to take food from my other dog and eat all of her own as well. Overall my family loves our dog and we wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. She is so loving and fun to play with.

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