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California, United States

Posted March 29, 2014

When I was a kid, it seemed like people were always either giving us animals they were no longer able to keep, or we were finding them on the side of the road and taking them in. My little Cocker Spaniel was no exception. Driving home from school one day, my mom and I found her along the side of the road, and we decided to give her a home—that is, of course, after making sure she didn’t belong to anyone else first.

My new dog became my little friend, and I named her Violet (after my favorite “Boxcar Children” character). I really did love that I had my own pet, but I always wished she had been a different breed. Every time she got excited to see me, she would pee all over the floor. I hated being the one to always have to clean up after her! She barked a ton, and her temperament around kids, or even people she didn’t know, was horrible. She would just nip and growl around anyone but our family. I never really could take her on walks or to the dog park. 

If I were in the market for another dog, I probably would not buy a Cocker, just based on my personal interaction with ours. However, we loved Violet, and I am glad we were able to give her a loving home for a few years.

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