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Cocker spaniels are not child friendly


United States

Posted March 18, 2014

My experience to cocker spaniels is a dog we adopted at the age of two years named Colter. He was a very enthusiastic and excitable dog that used to entertain himself by running around the house for hours at a time.

They are beautiful dogs with long wavy hair and don't require much maintenance beyond your average retriever. They also did not seem to have any health issues, at least not while in its younger years (We only kept Colter for a year.) Their needs are not very expensive; just the essentials, a few toys, and very rare vet trips.

A pro about cocker spaniels is their invigorating personalities. He always wanted to go on a walk or exercise.

However, there was a downside with Colter: he behaved horribly with children, especially babies. Whenever my six month old sister was in the room, he would immediately dart towards that child and rough her up--which is somewhat traumatic for a child. It seemed to be jealous of the baby's attention and would do anything to steal it. It would also nip me and my friends when we tried to pet it--not hard, but not in a friendly manner.

It was also a needy dog when concerning teh adults. Whenever my parents came back from a trip to the grocery store, it would pounce on them from the door and yip like mad. This got rather annoying after a while.

It also tore up a lot of our things left around, including a kite, books, and other objects.

Cocker spaniels are beautiful animals and loyal to adults, but they are not good around children. We eventually had to give Colter up for the sake of my little sisters. If you're a childless family, then I would definitely recommend a cocker spaniel because they require the same attention as children. If you have young people in your family, though, they are not friendly pets.

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