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Illinois, United States

Posted March 13, 2014

I'll never forget the day my family took my little sister and I to a local breeder where we met the wonderful little fellow who would become our new little brother and most loyal and trusted friend. He had an afro. A puppy 'fro. It fluffed straight up and back over the top of his head, it was golden just like the rest of him, and it endeared me to him immediately!

We took our sweet Jayson (named by my sister after the Red Power Ranger) home that day and he slept in my room in his crate that first night - calmed only by the embarrassing-to-admit-now sounds of the boy band All-4-One, after silence seemed to worry him and keep him from sleep.

It was the beginning of my first deep relationship with a dog.

While I spent a good amount of time training him in my own amateur way, it was Jayson who truly did the teaching. He taught me how important responsibility was. He showed me the value of loyalty. He taught me how to share my life and my time with someone else - someone who matters. He taught me how to relate ideas without words. He taught me empathy for another. In his own way, he taught me how to love beyond the examples my parents had put forth. And in his final days, he re-instilled in me the value of life, the preciousness of love, and how to deal with death. And these lessons truly helped shape me into the person I am today.

This is a difficult review for me to write. Jayson was my most cherished and true friend for more than 14 years before he passed away due to complications from cancer. But the legacy he left behind in the family who loved him will never be forgotten!

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