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Cocker Spaniel...not exactly "Lady & the Tramp"


Georgia, United States

Posted February 25, 2014

I am not a fan of the Cocker Spaniel. I was so excited when we found our Cocker Spaniel, Lady. I’m a huge “Lady & the Tramp” movie fan, so the breed was a little glorified to me because of that.
I’ll start with the positive. Cocker Spaniels are a good size—not huge, or even medium-sized, but not miniature. Great size to sit in your lap and love on you. They don’t shed and their fur is curly and super soft. I love the coat of a Cocker Spaniel. However, their fur does grow pretty fast, so they do need a frequent grooming to keep hair out of their eyes. They are just pretty little dogs, too, with big dark eyes and an adorable walk. They like to be pampered and they are not really active at all. It’s a great breed for an apartment dog, or a quiet, slow-paced household—for instance, Cocker Spaniels are great for a retired person, or an older person—someone that can dote on this dog.
Cocker Spaniels are NOT good with kids. Not a great family dog. They are not particularly sweet-tempered, or good-natured, and are not really into cuddling up with you. Cocker Spaniels like their space, like their pampering, and basically just kind of like to do their own thing. I felt absolutely no connection with Lady, our Cocker Spaniel, which was bizarre for me because the thing I adore about dogs in general is that there is such a good soul inside of them that we can connect to so immaculately as owners. I didn’t feel this way at all with our Cocker Spaniel and when I looked at her, I didn’t see that she was connected to me, either.
Great dog for a small living space and for a slow-moving lifestyle that can cater to this high-maintenance and somewhat unsociable dog.

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