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United States

Posted January 27, 2014

We adopted Fennel when she was seven months old and was a huge ball of fur and love. Fennel continues to have a big heart and loves us so much. When she sees us, her whole body wiggles.

We adopted Fennel before children, and she was devoted to us. She would stick by our sides, give lots of cuddles and kisses, and always want to be near us. After we had kids, Fennel quickly adopted them into our "pack" and was always very concerned whenever the baby would cry. As our girls have grown older, Fennel loves to play with them and snuggle with them. Fennel completely tolerates their rough play, and allows them to crawl all over her and even pull on her. Our youngest has recently started to take food out of Fennel's bowl at dinner time, and Fennel patiently waits for her to be done.

We took Fennel to training when we first adopted her and it was frustrating. Fennel was not quick to learn (unlike our other dog). Eventually, she started to learn, and performs basic commands such as "sit, down, and wait." Fennel is extremely food-motivated, and will often try to sneak food from the table, or hover underneath the kids' seats to catch anything they might drop. We have even caught Fennel on top of the table!

Fennel loves to be outside and go for walks. Fennel does not walk well on the leash (she pulls), so we often use a gentle leader to help her know to be patient. Fennel will bark at other dogs, in an attempt to get them to play. Fennel loves to play catch, too.

Fennel is a great family dog; very mellow, sweet with children, and super snuggly.

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