Cocker Spaniel

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Acquired: Breeder (professional)

Gender: Female

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We gave her to another family - and they gave her right back.


LOUISVILLE, Kentucky, United States

Posted November 23, 2013

We got Chloe as a puppy from a professional breeder. She was adorable and playful at first, as puppies are, but after a few days home with us, she started displaying what I consider either mental health issues or signs of abuse by the breeder (hopefully not the latter). Her destructiveness, excitability, and aggression exceeded normal puppy levels. One minute she'd be sleeping on your lap, the next she'd be on the run, chasing my 6-year old nephew. By the time Chloe was 8 months old, she'd attacked my nephew so much that he had scars on his ankles and once had to get stitches on his lip.

We decided it was time that Chloe found a new home. We adopted her out to a great family with two older (10 or 11 years old) boys who we figured could handle Chloe's wildness a little better than my nephew. The family thanked us and left with Chloe in tow.

Three days later, they brought her back.

We were increasingly desperate to find her a home, and the pound was NOT an option. We were afraid she'd be put down. Finally, my dad's boss offered to take her in. Six months after he adopted her, he had her put down. I was furious, but even madder at myself for not being able to find a way to help this dog despite her extreme behavioral problems.

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