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The Dog that Fell in Love with Me from the First Sight


1000, Bulgaria

Posted November 11, 2013

My name is Antoaneta and my dog's name is Lucky. Like every other child I really wanted to have a dog and I kept asking my parents to get me one. But I didn't know what breed exactly I wanted. However, me and my parents once went on a picnic. The day was beautiful, the weather was fantastic. Then a car stopped and a Cocker Spaniel with her two puppies got out of the car even before its owners. The moment I saw the dog I knew this was the exact breed I wanted to have.

After some time my parents took me to a breeder where I chose a puppy for my birthday. There I got Lucky and I fell in love with its beautiful sandy color, his ears looked so beautiful as if it had just got out of the hairdresser's. He was very perky and self-confident - he was definitely aware of how beautiful he was. We took Lucky home and during the first few days he fell in love with me, didn't allow anyone to even come close to me and started barking at everyone that was trying to talk to me. It was really cute looking at a creature as big as my hand trying to protect me from everyone and following me everywhere I go. Even though a lot of time has passed since then and Lucky grew up he is still very jealous of me and whenever I am with him he wants my whole attention for himself.

Lucky is a wonderful dog. Even though he tries to protect me from everyone and keeps barking at everyone coming close to me, he is a friendly dog and he has never done anything more than barking at someone. He has a great attitude to children and loves playing with them. He is very energetic and even though this felt a little boring to me that I have to walk him every day with the time that has passed I realized how good this makes me feel. It doesn't matter whether I had a bad day or something, I know that when I come home we would both have a walk and both of us would feel much better because I really relax in this way.

I have posted exactly this photo because I would like to show how cute and funny he is and that he always makes me feel better and entertains me only if I take a look at him.

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