Cocker Spaniel

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Female

Training: Books

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I have no idea why her previous owners would give up this amazing dog.


United States

Posted November 9, 2013

I did not have Myrna as a puppy, so I don’t know if she was ever a more active or mischievous dog. She is wonderful and as I said in the title of this review I cannot imagine why her previous owners gave her to up to the shelter. She is a very mellow and calm dog that rarely barks. For the first year we had her she never barked. We were worried she had been surgically muted. But then one day she saw the UPS truck and informed us with a single bark that it was a dragon. Once the puppy was in her life she became little more playful and vocal but she is still very quiet and mellow. She listens well; it is obvious to me that her previous owners gave her some sort of obedience training and that it really stuck.
The only thing at all negative that I can say is that she is very possessive of her humans (and her Scottish Terrier) and doesn’t want any strange dogs around us. But the worst thing she does is quietly bark once or twice and kick sand.
She is an excellent guard dog. She once drove a burglar away from the guest house at my grandparent’s home. I was asleep in the guest house alone. I had dental work done and had taken pain meds and was out of it completely. Someone tried to break into the guest house and she barked and woke up everyone in the main house and saved me. Myrna is my dog hero.

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