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And Bingo Was His Name-O!


United States

Posted September 11, 2013

Most everyone lucky enough to have a dog when they were younger always keeps a special place in their hearts for the mongrel. I remember the first dog we had when I was about three or four years old. We lived in Indiana and knew some friends who lived out in the country on a farm. They had gone to a bingo game and well, won a dog. They already had too many pets so they gave him to us. Guess what they named him?

Yes, just like the song, And Bingo Was His Name-O. If you know that song, you're singing right now in your head, I guarantee it. B-I-N-G-O.... Just hum it to yourself and feel better. Anyway, Bingo was an amazing dog. He was outside most of the time and had a nice looking dog house and though not typical of his breed, was a heckuva guard dog. He would only bark at other dogs or strangers, never at us kids and was amazing, simply amazing with our cats.

He was the sweetest dog ever and would never hurt a fly unless it was trying to hurt us. He was playful, affectionate and I think of him often. He was light brown in color and had big floppy ears that would get heavy with mud when he would play around in the yard. During the summer we would have him shaved so he was cooler and I remember always liking how soft his coat was.

Bingo died at a ripe age of fourteen and I don't think I'll ever have a dog so close to my heart. Your first love is always the greatest and the hardest to forget.

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