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Max The Cocker Spaniel


United States

Posted July 21, 2013

I remember well how we ended up with Max our Cocker Spaniel. We had "shared" custody with my mother-in-law of a Chihuahua until she decided she wanted to keep the dog for herself, after I trained him of course.Needless to say that caused a little tension between us.

One day we went to a mall petshop and saw two Cocker Spaniels one red and the other particolored. We were playing with both and a young employee came over to us and explained why the red was better.

As it turned out the parti-colored dog was sick. Heart broken and too emotional due to the loss of the Chihuahua we bought the red one. Don't yell at me this was a long time ago before all of the information about puppy mills.

From day one he was attached to me. If I tried to leave the room even with other family members present he would whine and cry.
We became quick buddies and he went everywhere with us.

We were good until he chewed my new shoes. Those shoes had been in the same spot for months untouched until the day I went to get them to wear out to dinner. I didn't like him too much for about and hour as I decided he was just too cute to stay mad at. Anyway it's what puppies do when left to their own devices. Move on!

As he got about three years of age he suddenly started to have ear infections and skin rashes off and on. Back and forth we went to the veterinarian for a couple of years. We invested a lot of time and patience taking care of his ears but nothing seem to have a lasting effect.

Despite the fact that his ears were painful to clean at times he never tried to stop us from doing it. He was a great dog dealing with some unfortunate allergy problems. I say allergy problems now but back then that was not what the vet called it and only gave us a continuing cycle of medication. We never considered it was his dog food until too late. We had to figure it out ourselves. The Vet never mentioned that as a possible cause.

I felt so bad for him as by the time we started to figure it out the chronic ear infections had caused scar tissue and the inner ear was mishapened. We decide to have his inner ears removed.

After the surgery he was still, my happy, loving boy. I don't think deafness was an issue because he probably had hearing problems long before this. After the surgery nothing about his behavior changed. He was still the loving, obedient fur baby and companion who sat on my feet while we watched TV together.

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