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Cocker Spaniels are a loyal family pet


Ontario, Canada

Posted July 6, 2013

Many other breeds are known for being loyal and imposing guardians of home and family, but you can find all of those desirable features in the Cocker Spaniel. Avid hunters, if Cocker Spaniels are left to their own devices they will wander on their own, especially if they live in a pack with other dogs or Spaniels, so Cocker Spaniels are best suited to country living, urban Spaniels should live on properties that are fenced, in order to protect them from wandering onto roads. When living in the country Spaniels may wander into the wilderness for days or weeks at a time, hunting in the wilderness, and just show up again one day as if they never left. If well taken care of Spaniels can live well into old age. Eventually geriatric Spaniels can live productive lives until they simply become worn out. Aging Spaniels can often suffer from loose drooping exposed eyelids and loss of bladder control. Cocker Spaniels are very loyal and protective of family members and will imprint protective bonds on family children as well, in a stranger or intruder appears to act aggressive toward a family member Cocker Spaniels will often get in-between and defend their owner without regard for themselves.

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