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Daisy, my sweetest dog!


13743, Greece

Posted July 2, 2013

Daisy is 4 years old. For me she is the best dog in the world! She is beautiful , smart, calm and she loves to play. I personally trained her from day one but her character is so great that it makes me think that her training is not the only reason for being so well behaved under all circumstances. She is a good dog and i make sure to tell her almost every day!

What she really loves is to socialize with people and she has her way to make people love her the moment they meet her. She also likes other dogs and all the dogs want to play with her, but she only likes to play with people. Her favorite game is fetch and she loves her ball so much that she makes sure that the ball is right next to her when she goes to her bed to sleep. I have no words to describe what a kind and clever dog she is. Regarding her character i should mention the she is sensitive and she does not like people that yell. Also although she is very well trained, she can be a little stubborn - she will fetch the ball, she will bring it to me but she will only leave it to me when she wants to. Oh yes, she really loves her ball and she likes to tease me like that. I know i could train her to drop the ball at my commant but quite honestly, there is nothing that i would like to change on her, Daisy really is the perfect dog for me and i love her!

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