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Posted May 28, 2013

I have nothing bad to say about my Cocker Spaniel. Ok, maybe one thing but it's very minor. Like most Cocker's, she pees when she gets excited. This is something that I have always been told a Cocker never grows out of and after ten years, I can definitely attest to the fact that this is true.

My dog gets along with cats, dogs and really anyone walking down the street. She is great with my kids and other peaople's kids. She is a very sweet and gentle dog that wouldn't hurt a fly. She is very active, even now at the age of 10. Cocker's definitely need a lot of exercise. Mine can go on 3 mile runs with me and still be ready to play some more.

The only real costly part of owning a Cocker is the grooming. Cocker's need to be groomed on a regular basis as their coat gets long and needs to be trimmed. I have tried many times to trim my dog's hair by myself and have learned that it's best to be done by a professional.

I was told stories about Cocker's having issues with their ears, but I mine has never had a problem. I regularly clean them though and I am sure that has helped. Other than that, my senior dog is in great health. One thing I remember reading when I got her was that Cocker's often act like puppies well into their senior years. I have to say that at 10 years old, she is still has vivacious as ever and a few people have even thought that she was a puppy.

My Cocker is very loyal and does have some separation anxiety sometimes. This has become more of a problem as she has gotten older. Having another dog that she is at home with has helped. his issue is minor when compared to all the wonderful qualities she has. Overall, just a great breed and a great dog.

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