Cocker Spaniel

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Gender: Female

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United States

Posted May 21, 2013

Cocker Spaniels in my experience are wonderful dogs,especially with children. All the Cocker Spaniels I have owned were incredibly sweet and kind. They are very patient with small children, tolerating things like tugging on their long floppy ears.This breed is generally very friendly.

Cocker Spaniels have very nice shiny coats and don't tend to shed as much as many other breeds. There long ears are something that you need to be gentle around when washing as getting much water in their ears can cause infections in which the dog can smell very odd and make the usually kind, loving breed somewhat irritable.

Spaniels are more intelligent than they are often given credit for. With a little patience on the owner's part they can easily be trained to do amusing tricks, like shaking their paw, unwrapping presents, and catching food in their mouth.

Cocker spaniels like being around their owners,from following you around the house to lying at the foot of your bed or at you feet while you watch television. Both of the cocker spaniels I have known loved to play fetch with a tennis ball but they generally didn't run around in the house, preferring to lie down. This dog is great if you are not a hugely active person.

These dogs can have health issues especially with their long years, despite the best care.

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