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Second Chance


Posted November 9, 2008

Second Chance is a rescue from our local Human Shelter.  He was found wandering the fields of our area.  He is a pure breed cocker and a beautiful one.  When we brought him home from the shelter he was so shy.  Thankfully our Basset Hound is not and took him under his "wing" and welcomed him into our home and showed him this is the best place to live. Chance is our 3rd pure breed cocker and our second rescue.  All three were males and all three have been perfect gentleman.  Our first lived until age 16 (gotten as a puppy).  Our second until age 12 (gotten at about age 6) and now Chance - age unknown. Cockers are determined little boys when they want something, but it generally has to do with being with you.  They are shadows.  They want to please and a harsh word is not necessary.  "Just say NO" firmly.  Our cockers have always been around children and we have never had a problem.  We have always given them the ability to escape the children and taught the children when the dog goes to "his" area to leave the dog alone.  The dog is tired.  Our cockers have been watch dogs over our boys as they grew up.  In fact Chance is watching over my 18-year old who is sick and a sleep on the floor of the living room. They "take care of you" when you are sick.  They don't leave your side.  All 3 of our cockers have done this. Cockers tend to have issues with their ears which can come from allergies to corn meal in dog food.  We purchase food without corn meal (after we learned this) and haven't had near as many ear issues.  We use the ear wash on a regular basis.  Regular grooming is required.  We have an awesome groomer and we keep Chance cut short because he likes to rough house with the Basset.  A short coat mean that he does not have to endure knots because they play. We would have our 3rd cocker spaniel if we did not love this breed.  Each one has been different from the other in personality, but the breed trates have been the same.  We have not seen any snippy behavior that comes from bad breeding.  We have dealt with health issues with both of the rescues from the abuse.

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