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Sampson is a new addition to our family


Nappanee, Indiana, United States

Posted January 21, 2009

Sampson is such a sweet little guy.  He's just 16 weeks old, and is taking his first trip to the vet today.  We've only had him a couple weeks, but so far, he's doing wonderfully.  He plays and romps with the bigger dogs like he's been there forever. 

We found Sampson on Craigslist, was headed to the shelter if he didn't find a new home.  His previous owners knew nothing about his breed, and did no homework.  He was an impulse purchase for the wife as a "Christmas gift".  Please, Please...don't ever buy a dog as a gift!!  It makes me so angry to see all the listings for dogs that need "rehomed" due to lack of commitment.  These and all pets need to be a consience decision.  The commitment to care for them in a forever home!   OK..enough of that rant! 

He came to us with an outrageously bloated belly.  I'd have bet money he was full of worms.  Well, good thing I didn't bet...I'd have been wrong.  He was bloated from "free feeding" (not on a controlled diet) a cheap store brand dog food, full of grains and fillers.  Took 3 days of controlled feeding a good high quality dog food to get his bloated belly to go down.

My love for the breed prompted me to adopt him.  Knowing that I'd probably never see his AKC papers, and don't really care.  Don't have any intention of showing or breeding him.  Knowing nothing about his genetic history, or his health records to date.  We made a consience decision to take Sampson in, get his vet treatment, and give him a forever loving home.  I can only assume he is the product of a puppy mill, as there was never any contract signed when he was purchased from the breeder, no health guarantee, and no paperwork provided.  Not even a phone number or name to follow up.

  He has a condition called "cherry eye".  Or at least it appears to me that way...we'll find out later today.  His potty training is a bit slower than I'd hoped...but the weather conditions here lately have been way less than favorable for man or beast! (We've had -25 to -35 wind chill temps lately)..not the kind of weather anybody wants to go outside and stand while you wait for a puppy to go potty.  He is, however, learning from the other dogs, that he's suppose to potty when he's outside.  We're coming along though...slow but sure.

I can't compare Sampson to Sophie....there is no comparison.  Sophie is a beautiful show quality pup, and Sampson, well, I just covered that.  None-the-less.....we love them both, and they seem to love each other.  Sophie treats him like she's his mommy, following him around the house, and keeping guard by him at night.  However, there will be no sophie/sampson offspring.  I'll leave that to the reputable professional breeders!  I just want them to be happy healthy family pets!

I'll add more with regard to Sampson's health issues after his dr. visit today.


UPDATE:  Sampson does NOT have cherry eye!!  YEAH!!  He has allergies!  The vet told me to give him 25 mg. of benedryl a day and see how that goes.....we go back in 3 weeks for a booster shot.  and will address it further if need be!  Otherwise...he's in prefect health!!


UPDATE #2  I guess we spoke to soon regarding the cherry eye.  He did develop this condition and required immediate surgery.  Surgery was successful, and he didn't lose his eye!  Praise the Lord!  He's turning into just a wonderful family pet!  He is such a blessing to us!  Some of my ratings have changed, as he's been part of the family longer, and is beginning to develop his own personality.

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