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Posted January 15, 2013

The first thing that comes to mind about Hutch is that he was a box of rocks. He really wasn't smart at all. Or maybe he just acted that way so that no one would ask to do anything difficult like hunt.

He was a sweet and loving boy. He liked to follow all of us kids around and be part of the gang. I don't think he really understood sometimes that he wasn't a "real boy."

I can remember his favorite times were when he found tall grass. He bound through it like a doe, then he would hear/smell some small furry thing near the ground and go crazy trying to catch it.

He was independent to the point that he would quietly wander off by himself and find some secluded place to take a nap. But he was always some place where he could here if someone called his name or opened a can of dog food.

What would I tell other people about cocker spaniels.

Firstly, make sure you have at least a little yard. When he was a baby and teenager, he was very hyper. When he was an adult, he would sleep more than he was awake.

Secondly, make sure there are children around to play with. A cocker spaniel with an older couple always looks so sad compared with one that kids to chase and be chased by.

Thirdly, watch them. They seem to love to take off. Hutch would get out and find something to chase and be gone for hours.

Finally, know that they are very loyal. If you like a pet that keeps its distance, get a cat. A cocker is under foot constantly, and, at least mine, was too dense to learn not to be.

Oh, and the picture reminds me, be prepared to take burrs and nettles out of the dog's hair every time they come in from outside.

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