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Posted December 23, 2012

I have always had dogs but Diesel was my 1st cocker spaniel. I got him from a friend who had to relocate and couldn't take him with them. He was a very beautiful dog and great with me and my husband but was not good with kids. He wasn't very friendly with strangers and did bark alot. He was very aggressive with other animals of all kinds.
Keeping him groomed was a minor expense that I would've been happy to do if he had a better attitude in general. I took him in to the groomer every 6 weeks to keep him beautiful, which he certainly was.
The other bad experience I had with him was when he was eating. He would take your hand off up to the elbow if you came near his bowl while he was eating.
I ended up giving him to a friend who had always had cockers and didn't have any kids. I went over to visit him one day, she was out walking with him and she had a muzzzle on him. She was still happy with him but he never came out of the aggressive nature he showed while I had him.
Since I have only had 1 of this breed I can't say for certain that this is their characteristic behavior but have heard this is fairly common.

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