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The Cocker Spaniel From Spain


Maryland, United States

Posted September 27, 2012

My mother-in-law received a gift from her brother in Spain – a beautiful cocker spaniel puppy! She called to tell me and was so excited. I went over to see the little guy and instantly loved him. My mother-in-law did not know what to name the puppy and asked for my help. After some thought, I said, “How about naming him after your brother? Your brother’s name is Michael, which in Spanish translates to Miguel. Since the puppy is fully pedigreed, he should have a title. His coat is a beautiful pale golden blonde, and oro is the Spanish word for gold. Taking all of this into account, why not name him, ‘Don Miguel del Oro’ and call him Miguel, for short?”

My mother-in-law loved the name and the idea behind it, so Miguel it was! We lived in a beach community, and my children and I visited my in-laws all the time. The kids loved Miguel, too, and soon Miguel became part of the family. When my mother-in-law became ill, she asked if we would take Miguel and care for him, since she no longer could. We said of course, and Miguel officially became our dog. The children were ecstatic!

The cocker spaniel is a wonderful pet and loves to run in the yard and play. I can still see Miguel running and playing with the kids, his ears flopping the in breeze…so cute! Miguel was with us for almost ten years. As is common with the breed, he had many ear infections in later years, along with decreased vision. Toward the end of his life, poor Miguel was almost blind, another affliction to which cockers are prone.

Our family loved this special dog that traveled all the way from Spain to be with us. I will always have fond memories of Miguel, and of my mother-in-law who shared him with us.

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