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725300, Romania

Posted May 14, 2016

My family has been owning this breed ever since I was a little kid myself. One day, my father found a dog running through the streets dodging cars everywhere. We were afraid he'd get hurt so we took him into our backyard. He was extremely friendly, he didn't even bark once when we took him in and fed him. A few weeks later his owners started putting up signs with him, so we called them and gave them their pet back. As a reward they gave us 2 little pups, and ever since then we've been owning only Cocker Spaniels (with the exception of 2 stray dogs we rescued). At the moment I own 2 cocker spaniels, one brown haired and one black haired. I only require 2 words in order to describe this pet breed. Maximum energy! This breed has always been extremely energetic, which makes it quite a nuisance sometimes, but mostly they are just adorable. They are also very loyal, even tho, they are not really the best watch dogs. They do bark at every stranger, but this literally means every single one, including you and the random people across the street. Another thing which you need to get ready for is grooming. This breed requires a lot of grooming, since it has such beautiful furry ears, they require maximum attention. But then again, it's not all hard work, they are extremely fun, and as long as you're ready to throw a ball or a toy around they are ready to bring it back. If you believe you have too much time on your hands, and you want something cute and cuddly to take that free time away from you then the Cocker Spaniel breed is the best for you!

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