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292939, Chile

Posted January 27, 2016

First of all: I loved my cockers. They were cute, funny and loved to be petted, very loving dogs.
But they were crazy, indomitable. They were like a cat-dog hybrid, they did what they wanted when they wanted. I blame their hunter blood- whenever they saw something interesting, they’d run after it. They almost never came when you called them.
But they weren’t absolutely wild, they are easy to potty train and are very neat. My dogs would scratch the door when they needed to go outside and pee, not even once they did their business inside the house (only when they were puppies, but even then, only on the newspaper).
They loved to be groomed, to take baths- they absolutely enjoyed it.
They’re good inside pets, but they also need a lot of exercise (we had a big estate, so they ran wild around it for hours before coming inside). If you don’t have a big garden, make sure you take them on long walks, even jogging with you (if you’re the running type).
They suffer from ear infections, especially if they spend a lot of time outside like mine did- once the vet took very long strands of grass off their ears, they were really far inside.
My dogs lived very long lives, 15 years, and they developed old age ailments. The female got cataracts, she was completely blind when she died, and her eyes were constantly infected- as were her ears. That meant many trips to the vet.

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