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86531, Sweden

Posted December 23, 2015

When we got Pompe, I was very excited cause although my family already owned dogs, this one was just a puppy and he would sort of be my sisters and I's dog.

Unfortunately it was a rather bumpy ride with him. He was difficult to train and due to a lot of other things going on at the time, he was never really properly disciplined by my parents. He would throughout the years sometimes do his thing inside instead of peeing or pooping when we took him for walks. He was also a very anxious dog and was easily startled by people and could get quite aggressive towards them.

In his defense, I later learned that Cocker Spaniels has been bread very aggressively and that it isn't unheard of for dogs of that breed to be mentally unstable. It was however a difficult experience to deal with at the time. On some days he was in a very good mood and we played together and went for walks. Other days he was a completely different dog. A couple of times he even bit me rather hard as we were playing.

I do think that had he been properly trained, it might not have been as many issues with him. So I'm sure that had some impact on his behaviour. But I would not want to gamble and get another Cocker Spaniel. I loved him and hope he is happier up in doggy heaven than what he was here on earth. I'm sure that to his best abilities, he cared about me as well.

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