Cocker Spaniel

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Acquired: Breeder (hobby breeder)

Gender: Female

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Spaniels, stubborn but funny



Posted October 16, 2015

I have had my Cocker Spaniel from a puppy. Always strong-willed and likes to do her own thing, she has an almost cat-like attitude. Unfortunately she has some anxiety issues, which makes her a bit nippy and not to be trusted around children, and i find this to be pretty typical with the breed in that they do not really like to be manhandled. Although, as a child I had a Spaniel, and that one let us do whatever we wanted to her, dress her up like a doll and sit in a baby carriage, she sat through it all. They are smarter than you think, probably TOO smart, and they can anticipate your moves and are very aware of certain words. Extremely food driven, anything can be accomplished as long as there are treat involved. Training is easy, but often with my Spaniel, it comes down to "if i feel like it". She is funny, and will "talk" or "grumble" to get your attention, since she knows barking to get what she wants is unacceptable. My Spaniel has extreme storm fear, to the point where conditioning and natural methods did not help, and Valium was our only option to calm her down. Now as a senior, storms don't present as much of an issue, as we believe she has either calmed down, or is beginning to lose her hearing. As most dogs with floppy ears, she has had issues, although for the first 7 years of her life, there were no issues there at all, but now we are constantly cleaning and battling ear issues. Only yearly vet checkups have occurred, and she is in overall wonderful health, no emergency trips for this pooch! Loves to play, and will fetch with you all day long! Loving in her own way, not a lap dog, but will seek out pets on the head, or sit by you when she so feels inclined.Not a dog for everyone, but lovable in her own way. More personality in that little body than alot of people have!

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