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My Cocker Spaniel, Lola



Posted October 13, 2015

My dog, Lola, was a family pet for a very long time. We started off by crate-training her and this took less than a week. We had actually gotten her secretly, behind my father's back, while he was on a business trip, so we were rushing to get her trained. She was highly cooperative and joyful throughout her training process. Lola was perfectly happy staying at home during the day. She would either peacefully sleep in the sunlight or patiently wait at the door for our return. When anyone would come to the door, she would bark like crazy, but instead of attacking, she would sprint down to the visitor and lick them gently. In her younger years, Lola would play fetch and run around whenever we wanted. She would stop when we wanted. She was highly obedient and loyal throughout her life. As she got older, though, she stopped being playful and was more of a lapdog. When she had turned 16 (in human years), she suddenly got a stroke. This scared us very much and the vet bills were extremely high from then on. There were endless problems coming her way; vertigo, tract infections, ear infections, senility (which drove us crazy since she would constantly be walking around aimlessly at night, clicking her nails on the hardwood floors and keeping everybody up, panting extremely loudly, banging her collar labels on her water dish every five minutes, peeing everywhere since she'd forget that she had already peed and since she drank gallons of water daily), incontinence (which was from the senility and ended up getting so bad that we had to give her diapers) and arthritis. She had also lost a lot of strength in her hips during her last years, so when she drank water her legs would start to slide around until she was practically doing the splits. This got worse and worse. It got to the point where she'd fall down the stairs multiple times a week, unable to get back up. We'd also find her sprawled on the ground like a starfish, unable to get up. We saw her getting worse and worse and it pained us to see her that way. She seemed to only be living to keep us happy. She remained loyal to us forever, but it didn't seem fair to her. In early October 2015, we euthanized her. It was a painful time for all of us but we knew that it was the right thing to do. She was an amazing and unforgettable member of our family and always will be. Getting a dog has its ups and downs and truly is a commitment, but if you are ready to handle this huge responsibility, getting a dog will add an amazing, loyal, loving member to your family.

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