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Cocker Spaniel - A true friend


900472, Romania

Posted September 25, 2015

Buffy is 16 years old now. We got her when i was 9 years old. She is like a little sister to me. Now she is like a little old lady who can barely walk, talk, see, hear.
I don't even want to think what am i going to do without her.
She used to be really playful and happy all the time. I remember the year when she had cubs. She was having her period and i took her out for a walk when this other cocker spaniel named Axi fell insanely in love with her and it just happened.
It was the first of May, here in Romania it's a national holiday and everyone is having the day off from work, we go to barbecues and parties but in that year we had to stay with our dog and her lover.
2 months and a half later, on my father's birthday, Buffy gave him the most wonderful present. 8 gorgeous cubs. The way she took care of each and everyone of them, licking them, making sure they are ok, it was simply amazing to witness.
The best part of having a cocker spaniel is their energy and the way they are always happy and ready to make you smile. She was really obedient and never did her business inside the house. That was until a year ago. Now she is really old and we rarely convince her to go outside. Because her sight is so bad, she bangs her head against anything so we had to take measures. I made her a little hat stuffed with cotton (see the picture).
The worst part of having a cocker spaniel is the long ears. When she was little she would always get her ears in the food or water and whenever we took her outside in the grass, tiny pieces of arista would go up her ears and we had to take her to the vet.
Outside of that, it's an amazing experience to have a cocker spaniel. They are loyal, trustworthy, obedient, happy all the time and anyone would love a cocker spaniel as a pet

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