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My Fur Baby


United States

Posted September 18, 2015

I have had my dog since she was eight weeks old. She is now eight years old. She very quickly became one of our family members. I grew up having cocker spaniels, but none of them could measure up to the dog I have now. She is the most mild-mannered dog I have ever know. She cuddles on the couch, and will often lay on her back in your arms as if she is a baby being cradled. She is also amazing with small children. To sum up her temperament, she's perfect. She will bark when someone comes to the door, but her tail is wagging before and she would like to lick whoever it is before they could step foot in the house.

She has been a very healthy dog. She visits the vet annually for a checkup, but has not had any other issues. It is common very cocker spaniels to get ear infections, but if the ear is kept dry and clean it isn't normally a problem.

The down side to having a cocker spaniel is definitely the amount of grooming needed. Our cocker spaniel visits the groomer once a month for a bath and haircut. She also needs frequent brushing between grooming visits. In order to prolong visits to the groomer, the cocker spaniel can be shaved down, but the traditional cocker cut calls for a long skirt. Without frequent brushing the fur would become matted, and can be painful for the dog. Luckily, our cocker spaniel doesn't mind her grooming visits and her skirt is kept long.

In summary, having a cocker spaniel is enjoyable. My cocker's temperament is amazing and she is considered the baby of the family. If you can handle the monthly grooming visits, this may be the dog for you!

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