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My beautiful Cocker Spaniel Trixie!


United Kingdom

Posted September 3, 2015

I have owned Trixie since she was just 8 weeks old and have loved every minute. This breed of dog is definitely the type for me!

She has always been a friendly, good natured dog and full of personality. When she was a pup she did love to chew things up; shoes, magazines, furniture corners! But this is a common problem you will probably find with most young dogs. She soon grew out of it with a bit of training and tellings off. She will still steal the occasional shoe but will never chew it up.

A couple of points to bare in mind with this breed. From my experience they do not make good guard dogs. She will greet strangers with a wagging tail and just beg to be stroked
Because of her excitable nature she did have little toilet accidents in the house, so she took longer to house train then other breeds I have owned.
Due to the long ears this breed has, they are prone to infection and therefore need to be regularly cleaned. If they do become infected you will soon smell it!
A final point to bare in mind is if you have other small animals. I have found that Trixie gets on well with cats (although she will occasionally playfully chase them), but with smaller animals such as guinea pigs etc. she does like to pick them up and walk around with them in her mouth. She's very gentle when she carries them but it can't be a nice experience for the other animals. So I would never leave her alone with small animals.

Overall I have found Cocker Spaniels to be great family dogs and would always choose this breed for future pets due to their energetic personality and love of cuddles!

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