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Playful black male cocker spaniel


United States

Posted June 30, 2015

Rocky was purchased from an AKC breeder as the sire of the puppies my family would be selling. Despite his more "official" capacity, he was a wonderful family dog and was quite different than his female counterparts.

Rocky had thick curly black hair that was best left wild. We trimmed it back frequently, but it kept a life of its own. He was a good-sized cocker, weighing about 40 pounds; however, he didn't realize that and secretly believed and acted as if he was a lap dog.

Like other cocker spaniels, he had a gentle spirit and was great with children. I remember him showing tremendous patience as I pulled on his ears and messed with him. He was playful and made great use of the large back yard. Overall, he was an easy-going, well-tempered family pet that rarely made noise unless playing.

Regarding the breed, cocker spaniels do not shed much, and Rocky was no exception. He did experience chronic ear infections, which are very common for the breed because of the shape of the ear. Antibiotics kept those under control, thankfully, and he had no other chronic health issues. As he got older, he eventually went blind and passed away from old age, sitting out in his favorite spot next to our creek.

While the female cocker spaniel gets over-excited and can pee all over the house when she is, Rocky was a good example of how even-tempered and level-headed male cockers are. He was a wonderful dog!

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