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Cocker Spaniel - Brilliant Companion


United States

Posted June 30, 2015

Alex has been a wonderful companion from day one. Since I grew up in a household with Cocker Spaniels, even from the time I was born, I am very much used to and comfortable with this particular breed. Cockers have a tendency to be too high strung to suit some people, but they suit me perfectly well. Alex is very smart, and did very well in all of the training classes we took together at PetSmart. The only command he had trouble with was "leave it." He has a hard time not eating treats if he can see and smell them. He can occasionally be hard-headed if he gets zoned in on a scent, but I feel that this is also something that fits in well with my personality. Alex is deeply loving, protective of his people (occasionally to the point of hyper-vigilance that might be off-putting to people who aren't used to that), and incredibly playful/energetic. This breed isn't the sort that can do without play and exercise. If you enjoy playing and being active, this is the breed for you. In my experience, Cocker Spaniels bond closely with their people. If you want a loyal, lifelong companion, this is the breed for you. I will note that Cockers can sometimes be prone to health issues (ear infections and gastrointestinal upset are what I've observed most often), but Alex is very healthy and we haven't had many problems like that with him.

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