Cocker Spaniel / Australian Shepherd Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Male

Training: Previous owner, Attended conferences / shows, Books, I’ve taught bird care / training techniques

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A Wonderful Therapy Dog


Illinois, United States

Posted June 28, 2013

This happy go lucky Cocker Spaniel mix is a joy to be with. I was told by the family that surrendered this dog to my Animal Rescue Facility, that they had an accidental breeding of their Cocker and their Australian Shepherd... this was the result, and they had no more room for the last pup that they had originally kept. Little did they know at that time, that this was their loss and the gain of so many! Tembo was so easy to train, so eager to learn. He has a semi long coat that required daily brushing and combing, but no professional grooming was necessary. After completing basic obedience training so quickly, I decided to train Tembo as a therapy dog to visit local hospitals and retirement homes. So many smiles, and hugs, so much love in this little guy to share! Great with the children, adults and the elderly. With the proper training, Tembo provided years of service without any issue whatsoever. The Cocker in him was quite, not a big barker. Friendly with everyone he met, not an aggressive bone in his body. The Aussie in him gave Tembo lots of much needed energy to perform his duties as a therapy dog. Room to run is important for this breed, an apartment life would work, as long as there was a dog park close by. This is a healthy hearty breed, with a heart of gold, and a passion to please.

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