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Idaho, United States

Posted February 6, 2013

From the time I was one year old until I was eighteen I had a cockapoo mix named Smokey. We got her from someone who was giving away puppies outside of a supermarket and my mom says I cried until I could have her. This dog bonded with me over everyone else. She would abandon other people as soon as I was in sight and would run straight for me like she was so excited to see me. It was as if as soon as I was around no one else was there anymore. She was the sweetest and most loyal little dog ever and to this day is still my favorite and the one dog I ever feel I truly bonded with and loved as much as any of the cats I've had (since I'm a cat person) so that's saying a lot.

She use to follow me around wherever I went like a little black, fluffy shadow and I have some pictures somewhere I her as a puppy where I'm about one or two and playing with some pots and pans on the kitchen floor with her practically in my lap. I wish I had them here on the computer to share.

Smokey was very stingy with giving kisses/licks, which if you're not a fan of drool was a very nice thing, but even when she did decide to do that she didn't slobber you like most dogs can do, which didn't make it bothersome at all.

On the guard dog stance, she was protective of the house. She'd run along the property lines barking her head off if something (such as a garbage truck) or someone she didn't know approached, but if you let the unknown person inside she would instantly relax and accept the person. I recall she even once tried to guard my family while my dad was driving the car and barked loudly at a passing semi-truck, scaring my father half to death. Definite little guard dog material.

Grooming involved taking her to the groomers on a regular basis because otherwise she would get terrible knots in her fur which she would chew at in an attempt to removed them herself because they were painful. Brushing helped, but not enough with her being an outside dog and her fur naturally being somewhat curly and long to begin with. Grooming in the summertime was also very important to keep her cool.

She lived to be almost eighteen years old and died simply of old age, so she was a very healthy dog. I miss her still. If you want a good companion who will love you and live a long, healthy life, I would recommend this kind of dog.

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