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Little Lady Mitten the Cockapoo


Minnesota, United States

Posted November 28, 2012

Mitten was a cute 15 pound Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix. She was all fur, a medium tan color with one white paw. That’s why we named her “Mitten”.
Mitten was an extremely intelligent dog; it didn’t take her long to figure something out. She learned verbal commands very well and was very well behaved once she learned the rules.
She loved going on walks. Mitten never strained at the leash or tried to run away. She was just happy to be out exploring with you. It was always a pleasant walk.
This dog knew the boundaries of the yard and didn’t stray. If you let her off the leash she had a habit of running around and around the house until she got tired and laid in the grass panting in satisfaction…like she had just did the most awesome thing ever.
Mitten mostly enjoyed being an inside dog. She was very aware of her bathroom habits; she would hold it until she could find you or wake you up. She never had an accident, only if she was sick and then she felt bad about it. You could see her emotional response – she was very expressive like that.
She was calm and enjoyed just hanging out with people. She would sleep on the end of your bed or come into the living and just sit on the couch with you. She didn’t bark much. A calm dog that didn’t chew, wasn’t naughty, and was mild mannered.
She was friendly but not overly so. When the little kids got too wild or visitors were noisy, she would just leave the room. Mitten was good around small children and let them pet her. She would bark or growl if kids pulled her ears or tail, but wouldn’t bite.
Mitten was well trained. When we sat down for dinner, if she was near the table all we had to say was “go to bed” and Mitten would dutifully get up and leave the dining room without a fuss. She never begged for table scraps. She would sometimes bark at the squirrels through the glass sliding door, but if you told her to stop, she would.
She was spayed and had very few health problems. Because she was a small dog, she was inexpensive to feed. Mitten did have a lot of thick fur. She didn’t shed much, but we did have to get her a “haircut” once a year.
Mitten lived a very long life and was very old and frail when she finally had to be left in peace.
Overall: a friendly, intelligent, easy-to-care for dog that is good as an indoor pet and easy going around children.

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