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My cockapoo buddy


1233, Bulgaria

Posted June 22, 2015

I've always been a dog lover and when my kids got a bit older we decided to get one. We considered a few different breeds; we wanted a dog that's friendly and energetic, not too big and basically good fun to be around. One of our close friends had a cockapoo at the time and the kids loved spending time with it, taking it out for a walks and playing with it. So it was a natural choice and when we saw Stan for the first time we all fell in love with him. He was almost 3 months old, full of beans and jumped straight in my lap and I gave him a big cuddle. We took him home with us a week later.
Stan is a lovely dog, he was very easy to train as his previous owner has already started with the training (he was a professional trainer) and we continued with the program. He's very friendly and generous with his love to all members of our family. I go for regular runs so he is a great companion and runs alongside me without getting between my legs.
The only thing he can be fussy about is food, but we quickly got into a routine and we now know his favorite dry food and treats. He needs to have his hair brushed and be groomed on a regular basis and we take him to a Grooming salon so you'll need to keep this in mind if you're getting a cockapoo as it is an additional expense. One very big pro for having a cockapoo for me is the fact that his hair does not trigger any allergic symptoms in me (I suffer from hay fever and sometimes have similar symptoms when I’m around pets) and I have had similar experience with other cockapoos too.

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