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Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States

Posted June 20, 2014

I was still in my infancy when my parents brought Molly into the family. She was a puppy at the time. Molly was a humble dog with long flappy ears, a stub tail, and thick, curly black fur. She was a true friend throughout my entire childhood as we grew up together. Molly died just before I left home for the first time as an adult. There are so many memories to share that I could probably write a book - so I will stick with a summary.

As a Cockapoo, molly was a spunky dog. She loved to play, mostly running around being chased and chasing other things. You could unleash her in a field and she would keep going for hours! Yet, Molly could also lay by your side. She wasn’t the type to beg for attention with her fur covered eyes. Instead, she was always present like a true companion - there, just to enjoy the time together. As a Cockapoo, she was a very high-energy, low-maintenance dog with an easy going personality. We spent our entire life together! She was great with my four siblings and I as small children - never harming us, always playful and gentle. She was great in my teenage years too - a constant presence in my life.

Sure, she peed on the carpet and wiped her underside along the floor quite often. She would sometimes growl over her food - but what dogs don’t? If you want a dog with perfect manners, then this is probably not the one. Molly was as real a dog as they come! A lifelong friend, a true companion - a treasured member of our family.

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