Chow Chow / Pomeranian Mix

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Female

Training: Attended conferences / shows

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Daisy the Forever Dog


United States

Posted June 10, 2015

Daisy was a unique pet. She lived to approximately 22 years of age (+- 2 years). She was a stray, picked up on the side of the road with two puppies. We had to wait for her to finish weaning her dogs before she could be adopted out, and her two puppies were also adopted the same day. She was such a little princess, but in all of the good ways. She never barked until she developed cataracts and lost most of hearing in the last couple of years. She wasn't picky about food and never begged. She was the ideal dog in terms of quiet and clean. And she lived with us for about 18 years. Even though she wasn't a velcro dog, I got very attached to her because she was such a beautiful, sassy dog in her prime. She liked to aggravate our 90lb American bulldog mix when she was only about 30lbs herself. She chased squirrels and generally ran around the backyard having fun. She never had any health problems and died of old age on her pet bed. I think her death was one of the most emotional for my family, including the bulldog because she mothered him and was with him for many years. If I had to pick favorites, this little girl was definitely my favorite as she grew into a grouchy old lady, adorably. Google Images: https://www.golden-retriever-guide.com/golden-retriever-chow-mix/

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