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"La gordita"


Posted July 9, 2015

I remember when Canica first came to my house. She was really small and furry, and she gave me this glance I'll never forget. The funniest and cutest thing about her was that she seemed a little silly. She stared at me and blinked with one eye first and then the other. I thought it was so funny.
I loved my cute puppy, and I remember she learned how to do her business where she was supposed to very quickly. Even though I wasn't her owner, she still lived in my house and we spent a lot of time together. She got along wonderfully with the cats, my little siblings and the other dog I already had. The only problem was that she needed to be bathed and groomed frequently because of her really long and thick hair. Otherwise, she never really gave us any trouble, and we felt protected when we had her at home.
My other dog used to bark at everything, while Canica was a little bit more laid back, but she still got alert when she sensed something fishy (like the neighbors from the house of the back climbing the wall that separated the two houses). After I finished high school, I moved in with my dad. But still today, everytime I visit my mom's house, I give Canica a big hug. She isn't that kind of annoying, needy dog, so after a good petting session, she chills and lies down. She won't get aggressive if you keep petting her, and she won't be all over you either.
15 or so years later, Canica still lives. She has had some health issues lately because of old age, but she's still as nice as ever.
I don't remember instances of Canica being smelly or anything. But now that she's an old dog, she does need frequent baths to keep the smell toned down.

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