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United Kingdom

Posted April 2, 2016

My boy is one of a kind, we found him a UK pet shop and he was being fed bread and milk! not what a puppy should be eating. Myself and my mother decided to get a puppy and give it a loving home, this was my first dog. He was a German Shepard cross he is beautiful.

All of his temperaments are amazing his is brilliant with children they lay all over him and he doesn't grumble at all, but little boarder terrier plays with him and he doesn't mind when he was 5 she was a puppy and he looked after her. Hi hair is like a Staffy so there is no major grooming involved so the coat is so easy to look after.

But like all cross breads you never know the full health history and he has had a number of operations. He has had a cruciate ligament operation which lead to him having metal plate in his leg to stabilise his walking. He had a cancerous lump taken out of his leg and he currently has a lot of fatty lumps and a cancerous lump in his chest. He is 10 years old and has cataract in his left eye, he is such a sweet tempers boy but with him being a cross bread his health is one thing we cannot fully understand. He is not in pain and the vets say he is very healthy but this is one problem with people selling pets who do not know where they came from or how to care for them.

We love him to pieces and have given him an excellent life but this is one thing when buying a cross bread you need to understand you will never know there health history or any problems that may occur during there life span. You dont know how big they will grow we where told he was a small do he is a large but we still love him he is part of the family.

But getting a dog is a serious decision and looking into the correct type of dog for your family is key

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