Chinese Shar-Pei

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11000, Serbia

Posted March 12, 2017

If I ever knew, how much you can fall in love with an animal and how much that love is sometimes stronger than everything and everybody...
I got my beautiful Shar-Pei 8 years ago, and since the moment he stepped into my home, we are inseparable. Honestly, I wanted a hyperactive dog, with whom I would ride bicycle, who will run to catch a stick etc, and at the beginning I was very disappointed whit the dog I got :). Long story short I got a " Ferdinand the Bull", I got the dog that literally smelled the flowers and grass, and minding his own business while other dogs are playing, catching the sticks, learning new commands... I remember the sentence from the famous cartoon that I repeated to him: '' Ooh Ferdinand, why don't you play with all the other little bulls and bump your head .." However, I named him Arthur, it sounded more bourgeoisie than Ferdinand :)
Shar Pei is a pedigree that I wouldn't probably recommend to anyone. There is a lot of negative things about this pedigree:
1.Serious (often chronic) health problems;they are prone to a plethora of eye problems, skin diseases, kidney disease, and more. We tried to cure ear bacteria and infections for a very long time and we are hanging out at the Vet's ambulance so often , that we became very close friends ...
2. They are obsessed with their owners :). They very often suffer from separation anxiety... Arthur has his own chair at the kitchen window and he is capable of waiting for me on that chair for more than 6 hours... He is following every my step, and acts like a dog who never sleeps and who is ready for an action just not to stay alone or to be left. He is not sociable, for him other people and animals are not important . I am the only person he needs. I am sometimes flattered with that behaviour, but only sometimes :). Because if someone loves you so much, you must love him even more ... And that's where the problems start. We are now unconditionally loyal to each other and inseparable couple who doesn't let anyone to get so close into our lives.

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