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Next To Useless As Anything But A Companion Animal For City Dwellers...


United States

Posted June 28, 2013

I'll be honest, I'm a "fan" of big dogs. I always have. So when our Aunt moved in to live with us for a few years along with her pet Chihuahua it was certainly a new pet experience for me. Not exactly one that I care to repeat.

In short a Chihuahua can be described as "doll" sized dog, who thinks that it is a Great Dane. Whenever someone would drive into out driveway the Chihuahua (Peanut, appropriately named) would begin barking along with our other big dogs, now while this is nice for letting you know someone is at your house, it is almost useless otherwise, as there is pretty much nothing a 8 pound Chihuahua could do to stop an intruder other then bark.

Next I must admit that yes! Chihuahua's are friendly. In fact they are so friendly as to be quite annoying, for example Peanut would constantly attack visiting friends & neighbors with enthusiasm, clawing on their legs, yipping, etc... It might be cute for the first few times, but quickly gets annoying.

The only people I would really recommend Chihuahua's to are middle aged or older folks who live in the city, and simply want a dog who is small enough & friendly enough to sit in their laps. However I think their are much better options for these type of folks.

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