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Tennessee, United States

Posted November 26, 2012

Mouse was not my dog, but one that I was blessed to be able to sit for. Weighing in at four pounds, Mouse weighed less than a bag of sugar, but had a personality bigger than life itself. Mouse did not have the standard shake that most small breeds do when they are stressed. In fact, this dog, although fiercely loyal to his "mommy", did not have the typical problem associating with other dogs and people that many dogs of this breed do.

Mouse liked to cover himself up to sleep, and did become agitated if you would remove the cover from him. In fact, usually all you could see of him while he slept was a small bit of his little nose.

This dog thought he was a king, and was spoiled rotten - but in a lovable way.He had no problems confronting dogs bigger than him, but would always run to his mom or me if the other dog became too aggressive.

His diet was specialized, and he ate several small meals a day. It was easier to keep his soft food accessible to him, but if it sat too long, you would have to replace it. He was picky, but that is the way he was raised, so blame his mom.

His favorite toy, believe it or not, was a cat toy. He had a little stuffed mouse that he would carry around with him and even sleep with.

In short, chihuahuas make great pets for adults or older children, as long as you can attend to their needs.

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