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Plantersville, Texas, United States

Posted January 11, 2019

Let me start by saying, this breed is not ones-size-fits-all and each little individual can be night and day from each other in personality. I have met quite a few through rescue as well as friends and family having them. Not a single one can be compared to the other as they have all been different. I have cared for Chihuahuas that can be super friendly and enjoy snuggling and playing all day long whether it's an adult or chihuahua. I have even met some who enjoy the attention children give them from dressing up, to carrying around, or even snuggling, they soak it up and come running when their little person comes to play. I have also seen some very frightened little babies whom thoroughly enjoy the company of their owners, but will run and hide from strangers or any scary noise. Obviously some may be this way because of past abuse, a lot of them were rescues, but one of them is owned by a family member and she would never abuse them. She actually saved him from dying as a puppy. That being said, I have also seen some nasty Chihuahuas. The will bark you to death, bare their teeth and growl if you get near, and I've been snapped at countless times by those whom did not want me to make them go in their kennel or take them outside. Just downright mean on a daily basis and had to get their way . They may be tiny, but don't underestimate them. They have amazing agility and can jump much higher than anyone would ever guess. They can be super smart, know where the best little hiding places are, they can slip out through the smallest of spaces, and I have even seen them climb an entire 6-foot chain-link fence by putting each foot through each link. They are very easy to feed and don't typically require much. Depending on if you get a long-haired chihuahua or a short-haired one will determine how much grooming they need, but neither of them need too much, however both tend to get tear stains on their face. Chihuahuas are typically very healthy and can live very long lives, but if you get a super tiny one I would keep a closer eye on their health as they can suffer from some ailments connected to the type of breeding it took to get them that small. These dogs should have access to food all day long, or have many small meals a day because their bodies are so little it doesn't take much to burn off too much and they can tend to have low blood sugar if it's been too long and they definitely need 24/7 access to water. Those interested in getting a Chihuahua should research more about them and make sure you don't grab the first one you find. Look at a few and find the personality that best suits you.

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