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Posted April 28, 2017

The reason I wanted to adopt a chihuahua is because this dog is very small and I can take her with me everywhere. I started to own her when she was just 2 months old, and the very next day I began taking her with me on shopping trips, gradually going out with her more. I was surprised how calm and well behaved she was in public. Eventually she was not just going shopping, she also attended various school events like plays, musicals etc. and she was very calm and interested in her surroundings. From this I also learned that with a dog like this you need to be very careful around small children. She is very fragile, especially her head, and when small children go to pet her she feels uncomfortable and could potentially bite, because she feels she is in danger. I do not advise adopting a chihuahua in a family with small children, because they would see this dog as a toy, when in fact it is a very delicate dog breed and even adults need to treat it with care.
This dog loves walks and is very active, always has a lot of energy. She loves the whole family but she chooses one owner and is most comfortable with that person. This dog is very suitable for people who are looking for companionship. She does not like to be left alone for long periods of time, and I would not recommend giving this dog to a kennel/sitter if you are going away.
I am very careful when feeding my dog, because any abrupt changes have a bad impact on her stomach.
Any slight changes in this dog's health should not be ignored and you should contact the vet as soon as possible, because this is a very small breed and you need to be very observant as they are again, very fragile. Ruby socialises with a big dog (a wolf dog) and we also own a horse, and even among these big animals the chihuahua feels that she is the boss.
I am very happy to own this dog, she is everything I wanted and more.

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