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Chihuahua is Sassy but Sweet!


Florida, United States

Posted July 3, 2015

Charlie, a chihuahua, is my first rescued dog. Adopted from a home with TWELVE other dogs, he was originally quite shy and didn't fit into my family. He didn't know how to play with toys or other dogs, and often hid underneath tables or in any dark, cramped spaces that he could find. We found out that these were signs of anxiety and nerves, likely due to the giant shock of a new family without many other animals.

Thankfully, after a few weeks of living with us, Charlie became much more comfortable in his new surroundings and started to show us so much love! While he never really played with any toys, he always prompted us for head scratches and cuddles - and still does to this day! Since we've adopted our second dog, however, Charlie has started playing more and more and his personality has definitely grown.

Charlie is fiercely protective of both his owners and his space. He is very particular about who picks him up and, when in a certain mood, is prone to showing off his teeth and biting - even to his owners. I've, unfortunately, been nipped by him twice just for attempting to lift him. This is a recent behavioral/anxiety-related issue that we are desperately trying to work on, but, because of it, I wouldn't recommend adopting a chihuahua if you have young children in the home.

All in all, Charlie is a sweet dog. He does have certain anxiety issues that result in him coming off as being quite needy and protective, but he is still a great addition to my family.

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