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My Long Haired Chihuahua


United States

Posted March 28, 2015

I own an adorable long haired Chihuahua named Chloe. She is spoiled rotten and knows how to get her way.

I've always owned long haired Chihuahuas and from what I've observed they are much more friendly than short haired Chihuahuas. Their demeanor is much more mild, and when conditioned while still young they can be quite friendly to all people.

Having owned several different long haired Chihuahuas I have had experience with some Chihuahuas that were quite intelligent, and others who were not very bright. My current Chihuahua has shown quite a bit of intelligence and ingenuity. She often distracts the other dogs with some sort of play and then steals their bones from right under them. She does other acts of subterfuge and can be quite sneaky.

Of course one of the popular assets of a Chihuahua is that they are small. My Chihuahua is rather big at 7lbs, but she is still small enough to stick in a tote bag. I have traveled with her quite extensively and she is a good traveler. I can pop her in a tote bag and few people even know I have a dog with me. She is always sweet to strangers who want to come up and pet her. She's never snapped at a person in her life, probably because I conditioned her to people at an early age.

As for barking, I have had Chihuahuas that are barkers at any and everything. Always continuous and will often indulge in the monotonous bark to get their way. My current Chihuahua is an exception to the rule where she rarely barks, even when the other dogs are barking. When she does bark it's more of a woof than a bark.

Maybe all dogs do this but I have noticed it most with the Chihuahuas I've owned that they like to roll in yucky stuff outside. Dried worms, frog doo.....stinky and smelly, they want to roll in it! It's been hard to train that out of them. Luckily with them being so small it is easy to give them a quick bath in a sink or pool fountain.

One thing about the Chihuahuas I've owned is they have all been very loyal and loving. They smile when you walk in and beg to be picked up and loved. They follow you around the house and are always there when you need a hug.

Do Chihuahuas have their quirks and undesirable traits? Yes, but most dogs do, and for me the pros of Chihuahuas far outweigh the cons. I love my Chihuahuas and would never want to be without one!

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