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Joey, a Very Chill Chihuahua


United States

Posted June 29, 2014

Joey is quite unique for a Chihuahua! Yes, we often get annoyed when we have our windows open in the summer and he won't stop yipping and yapping at the neighbors walking by. However, unlike your typical Chihuahua (and other saucy dogs like him, that I've owned), this one loves human interaction and almost anyone (including small children) that will give him attention. He's often very relaxed and loves to be petted. He will literally pester me and put his head under my hand until I pet him. In fact, almost everyday when I come home from work, Joey will be at the front door, on his back and ready for me to rub his little belly!

Joey is also trusting (unusual for Chihuahuas), loyal and very affectionate. He hardly ever growls at anyone (or anything) and has to be really tested to do so. Joey is also quite intelligent, although a little hard to train. Joey will tell us when he needs to be let out to the backyard, so that he can do his business, but occasionally, he'll have his mishaps.

My little sweetheart is a short-haired brown dog, and minimal grooming of this small breed is necessary. He will even let you cut his nails (my previous Chihuahuas would squirm so much, it was almost impossible!). However, care for his teeth is a must! Trust me, you do not want to catch a whiff when he yawns and you're too close to his face! To remedy, this I've had to buy doggy toothpaste and treats meant to promote healthier teeth (which he loves)!

Chihuahuas are not for every family but a loving dog like Joey can be appreciated by anyone! Overall, our family is quite fond of this little guy and I would highly recommend a Chihuahua as a companion, especially one that has been raised in home with a lot of human interaction.

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