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Posted January 28, 2009

My little boy is a beautiful fun loving CHORKIE!  His mom is a 10 pound chihuahua, dad a 3.5 pound yorkshire terrier.  I purchased him from a "backyard" breeder for $150 dollars at about 12 weeks old.  He weighed just over 2 pounds at the time.  I've heard that for chihuahua & mixed chihuahuas, it's best for their weaker immune systems to let them wean at least to 12 weeks, so I think that helped him in becoming a big healthy boy (almost 6 pounds at 5 months old)!  I've also heard that the best Chorkie comes from a female chihuaha and male yorkie because yorkies are smaller and can have difficult pregnancies with a chi pappa!

We've had our little boy for over two months and he's already bonded with our 1 year old chihuahua/terrier mix female. (We think she's a cairn terrier/chihuahua but don't know for sure, black darling in pics) 

He is  pad trained for number 1's and goes outside for number 2's.  This was done by positive reinforcement after every "good boy peepee/poopoo"  He picked it up finally, we had our doubts!  ;)For people potty training a puppy, please know that spanking or yelling does not work.  Only when you catch your dog in the act should you scold him.  Otherwise he won't know why you are mad at him.  Clap your hands or stomp your foot, say something firm and bring him to where you want him to potty.  Remember, he wants to please you!  He'll catch on.. eventually!

Our little boy is very rambunctious!  Even though he's really small, he's also really tough.  He's picked up on barking at a knock or doorbell from our little girl.  He also sometimes barks at strangers at the park who approach us.. but in a crowd he is silent and friendly, a little shy still since he is just a baby.  Small dogs are always good watch dogs, but they have a big dog syndrome that will send them running after a wolf if you let them.  Be careful, always keep them on a leash! 

Cost to own a chorkie depends on where you get em, but just because it is a mixed breed does not mean it will be inexpensive.  On their own, these two breeds can cost thousands, so putting them together to me makes them even more special, you get the best of both breeds.  For example... our boy has big floppy ears and wirey hair.  Your wouldn't usually get that from either breed but when you put them together, voila!

I would recommend a chorkie to anyone who loves little dogs and p.s someone is keeping my feet warm right now, sleeping sound, adorable!  Hope this helps!

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