Chihuahua / Pug Mix

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"Potato" because she looks like one


United States

Posted April 5, 2016

Okay, I will say that I was initially thrown off by the idea of getting a dog that had any part Chihuahua in them because as far as my experience goes with the Chihuahua breed, I am not too fond of their attitude. When my neighbor said they were looking to rehome their chihuahua mixed puppy, I didn’t show too much interest. That was until they brought her to me. She was (and currently is) the cutest thing ever. My preconceived notions of the Chihuahua breed went right out the window and I adopted my Chihuahua/Pug mix puppy, Potato. She has the best parts of Chihuahua and Pug. She’s perfect. She isn’t aggressive. She loves to cuddle. She exudes a hyper temperament because she is always excited to see me. Once I pet her or pick her up, she calms down. On several occasions, I do have to tell her to stop jumping around so much because she gets a little too excited. She’s like a rabbit sometimes. Potato listens to me when I tell her “No” but as of right now she only knows how to sit. That’s okay though because she has the cutest face. She is healthy with a deer-like coat. I saw deer-like because petting her reminds me of a deer. Small pets such as birds and hamsters are kept away from her because she will definitely get to them. Potato isn’t much of a guard dog or watch dog, but she makes up for it by being the best cuddles and lap dog. Anyone can pick her up and give her hugs. She is the best walking, playful Potato out there. To some extent, I believe this to be the perfect mixed dog. How can you not love a Potato? *Photo isn't of Potato, but she looked exactly like that as a pup*

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