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King Charles - A regal dog



Posted November 6, 2014

I love the gorgeous King Charles Cavalier, but these dogs are not without their problems.

This, as anyone who has seen one close up, even walking down the road knows, is a very pretty dog, and generally has the temperament to match. King Charles Cavvies are lovely and quiet, very docile creatures that bond easily with humans. I've never really seen these guys become too uppity, dominant or territorial. They are, in a word, lackadaisical. Pretty much anything goes with a Cavvie and they make awesome lapdogs for the winter with all their thick, soft fur and silly ears.

Now, to the issues. Like so many dogs that are heavily bred, Cavvies have health issues. It's not uncommon to have to take these fellas in for a good few vet visits over the course of their lives, as was my experience. This is the drawback of their lovely appearance - sacrifices have been made in their longevity and the quality of their health. Don't expect a Cavvie to last as long as many other dogs! Also, that beautiful black and white or black and brown coat? It sheds, a lot, everywhere. Make sure you have a good vacuum cleaner if you're getting a Cavvie becaue that hair will end up everywhere.

Overall, Cavvies are adorable, easy going dogs, but because of their very selective breeding, they don't stay in their prime for too long.

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