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My Catahoula/Aussie Cattle Dog: I Love Her, But I Don't Really Like Her


Florida, United States

Posted February 19, 2015

Don't get me wrong. She's a great dog. A great dog for my wife, that is. From my experience and in talking with others, I've learned this breed is generally a one-person dog who is leery of anyone and everyone else. That's info coming from a vet tech, a vet, and a groomer.

Oh, and maybe I kind of dislike her because the dog basically doesn't like me.

To her credit, she is very healthy and quite intelligent. She tried to nip at my horses' heels one day, but she was verbally reprimanded and she has never repeated that behavior. She is gentle with children and will stand their ground against other dogs who trespass on our property. She lives with another working dog, a Great Pyrenees, and a boxer/pit bull terrier mix.

One drawback, they might not be a good dog to have if you own chickens. Luna has tried to chase mine a few times. When I let my chickens out to free range, I keep an eye on her and try to catch her in the act. Slowly but surely, she's learning to leave them alone.

She is a pretty stocky dog and weighs about 55 pounds. She's not a prolific eater but she will run the other dogs off their food from time to time. I just feed my boxer mix in a crate. My Pyrenees will sometimes let the smaller Luna run her off her food, but other times the Pyr realizes she's twice as big as Luna and she gives her the business.

In conclusion, she's low maintenance, timid, attached to one person, cautious and smart. She knows what she can get away with. Sometimes she will not come when called unless my wife calls her. She's a working dog and she doesn't know any tricks or seem to want to learn them. She is an outside dog and likes it that way. She didn't do well when we kept her indoors. She walks on a leash and loads up in the back of the Prius.

Come to think of it ... maybe I do like her. Maybe just a little.

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